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Learn to Teach Sculpt in JUST 3 Days!

Join us at The Yoga Rooms in Eau Claire THIS January to learn how to teach what you love!!!

A Little About

Moving our bodies mindfully makes us feel better. Every time. Period. Amiright?


As a Registered Yoga Teacher, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Trained Yoga Barre Teacher, and Trained Yoga Sculpt Teacher, it has become my passion and my mission to empower my students to "do the hard things"(even if the hard thing is to listen to your body and slow it on down). In that same respect, I'm also committed to making sure you're having FUN while you're at it!

And that's where bYogaStrong was born!

bFit. bFierce.

What People are Saying


Wendy Oberg, Studio Owner

One of the best moves our studio did was have bYogaStrong host a Sculpt Teacher Training at our space! Brandy is the perfect combination of  fun, knowledgeable and professional. Every student that trained with her loved her and the training. The content  was well organized and easy to digest.  What impressed me the most was how  after just one weekend they were ALL really good  teachers, actually Rockstars. They were transformed into amazing, effective leaders. 


Our studio now has multiple sculpt classes on the schedule and we have to keep adding more, as her group of teachers are so good they are wait-listed! As a studio owner I can 100% say make this move, your bottom line will thank you and your entire space will have a new life to it. Feel free to call me with any questions.


Rachel Funk-Johnson, Studio Owner

“Brandy incorporates fun, function, and foundational education into the bYogaStrong Sculpt Teacher Training. The experience was incredibly organized and offered a combination of hands-on as well as discussion, and technique demonstration. With Brandy’s infusion of multi-movement mini sessions, we got to sweat in true sculpt fashion and laugh at the same time!”


Natalie Bachmeier, Yoga Sculpt Teacher

"The bYogaStrong Sculpt training was a FUN, engaging, educational, and yes- life changing experience. I learned so much about my own body, mind, and spirit, while developing friendships with other amazing women. Empowering and encouraging a class full of energetic yogis is always a highlight of my week. I love watching “my regulars” grow to be stronger and more confident! The connection that I have built with my people is unmatched. I will carry the skills and voice that I developed through the Yoga Sculpt training with me in everything I do! "

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